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Merry Christmas from Wacked!


Audio remastering in progress

Still going through and remastering all the episodes' audio. Here's an example of what I'm doing:

After going through and scrubbing all the noise from the track and adjusting the levels, I drop the line into the timeline, match it up to the original track placement, delete the old line, move the new version into the old version's slot, then ride the levels to smooth it out even more. It's a lot of tedious work but that's what makes the sound quality soooooo much better.

This is from episode 115, so I'm almost done. Then I just need to dump the new audio into the animation timelines, adjust accordingly, and re-render. 

Yeah, it's just that simple. :)



DVDs update

Going through and remastering the audio in all the episodes (now that I know what I'm doing). They'll sound a lot better than what's posted to the Web site currently. Once they're all done and rerendered I'll swap them in place of the episodes on Vimeo.

The plan is to get these all done in September/October and record commentaries with Mr. Chris Solari. The DVDs and BluRays are still on schedule for Christmas.